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Physiotherapy for the Athlete

Why use a physio? –  Starting with the competitor, we all aim to gain an advantage over our rivals. In the case of all equine sports we require our partner, our athlete, to be at the top of his game. Every human athlete has need of a physio, our equine athletes are no different. They suffer the same muscle pulls and strains as their human counterparts and deserve the same attention.

horse-headThe horse cannot vocalise his discomfort. He is also the master of disguise, as the prey he must hide his weakness from the predator and remain as ready as possible to flee. This causes the horse to compensate for any slight imbalance by using another part of his body. This in turn may cause muscle atrophy, shortening of stride by restricted muscle length etc. If redressed quickly they will not develop further. Left unchecked the problem is amplified and may lead to eventual lameness.

Physiotherapy can not only rehabilitate an injured horse, it can enhance the performance of our top athletes. Unlocking tight muscles to release their potential, lengthening stride, adding cadence and unlocking power.

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Physiotherapy is ideal for:
  • Performance problems

physiotherapy can address the physical causes behind problems such as lack of suppleness or power, difficulty in maintaining or achieving collection.

  • Acute injuries

Physiotherapy can maximise the healing process. Reducing pain, improving range of movement and restoring normal function.

  • Following surgery

Physiotherapy can encourage healthy repair of tissues and minimise scar formation. It can help prevent muscle atrophy and maximise return to normal function

  • Injury prevention

Early detection of muscle imbalance, tensions and hotspots, can limit potential damage in competition. Enhanced mobility and suppleness will lessen strain and encourage better tissue recovery.

  • The older equine

Our ageing horses, like ourselves, suffer from stiffness and pain. They experience muscle lose, with all it's implications. Physio can help alleviate the pain and readdress the balance by improving flexibility and muscle function, giving them a better quality of life

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