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My all time favourite product has to be the EXOGLO heated equine rug. It is invaluable in both my physio work and my training of the young showjumpers. I can use it’s penetrating deep heat, to a depth of 4cm, to prepare the muscles for stretching or riding, and to relax the youngsters pre show. The FIR (far infrared ) has many health benefits, relieving pain from muscle spasm, aiding circulation to improve the coat and relaxing horses in stressful situations, to name but a few. The human range is also a must,  I use the heated back support for myself. I understand now why the horses look so relaxed when wearing the rug, heaven, chilled is not the word! Any back aches wash away, turn it round and it doubles for stomach pains too! It saw me through many a 6 am start in the winter to feed the horses. Even our muscles benefit from a warm up on a cold morning pre muck out. Exo the heat inside

This isn’t one product but the one stop place to shop for all your animals needs, physio and otherwise. The lady in charge is a very talented animal physio herself, Georgia Keegan, covering the Reading area. She not only sells these products, but has also tried and tested them . Georgia can point you in the right direction product wise and dispense some valuable advice into the bargain!. Animal PhysioThe therapy Dispensary

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